Can I return or exchange an item?  Exchanges accepted for defects only.  A photo of defect and email required within a week of delivery.  


Unfortunately, sizing issues will not be returned/exchanged at this time as we have measured every garment size's length and width to ensure accurate sizing information before purchasing.


*all sale items are final sale. 


Where is my package?  We use USPS for USA and Europe and Fed Ex for all other international.  You will receive a tracking email with every purchase once your order has been sent out.  US packages will go out 1-3 day USPS delivery. Please give us time to process your order before shipping. Processing may be longer during sales and new season releases.


USA - We ship all packages 1-3 DAY USPS.  All delivery times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed to arrive by a certain date.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PROCESSING TIME.  Inclement weather, rerouting, or unforeseen postal circumstances may delay the delivery time.  Please email us if your local post office has no information for you for a delayed delivery and we will make a claim to find the package with in 72 hours of USPS getting back to us.  Please be patient while we help locate any lost or delayed packages.  


If your package says delivered and you say that it was not.  This is an issue only you can solve.  Opening up a dispute with USPS will not find your package.  You will need to go into your local USPS office and also ask your postal delivery person if they remember delivering you package.  We send all packages in bright colored packaging bags.  9 times out of 10 either your local post office has it or it was delivered to your neighbor by accident.  We cannot refund or send a new order if your tracking says delivered.


International Europe USPS packages will not show information once it has left the border except possibly when it hits customs and delivery.  International Priority delivery can take 5-7 days and up to 3 or 4 weeks.  If it has been longer than 10 days, it is either stuck in customs or has taken a long route.  It will get to you.  Lost packages do happen and we recommend that you purchase Fed Ex Economy business for faster delivery. All delivery times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed to arrive by a certain date.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PROCESSING TIME. For USPS we cannot call to see what is wrong or where it is at, once it has left the border as USPS does not have any information once it leaves the USA.  Only you can call your local mail delivery service for any information.  

If purchasing the budget friendly First Class International shipping option and your package is taking longer than you expected, we cannot refund or ship a replacement order as we have no control over your local delivery system.  If it leaves the US (it will say Chicago as the last place it was scanned in the US) then we have done everything we can to send you your package in the most affordable and reliable option in this price range.  It is then up to your country's local post to deliver in a timely manner.  If your post is unreliable, please choose the Fed Ex shipping option.  We will not issue refunds or reshipments without orders returned back into our hands.  Shipping will not be refunded.  



Asia, International non Europe:  We ship Fed Ex economy to arrive in 5-7 business days.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PROCESSING TIME.  Please note we are not responsible for custom fees.  



If I enter the incorrect address at checkout?  If you catch this in time before we ship, then we can amend at no cost to you.  If it has already shipped out, we can only resend package once the original package is returned to us.  International, this can take 1-2 months.   We will not refund or reissue a new package until the original is returned to us.  Shipping will not be refunded.  To reship to you once we have received original package, we will issue shipping invoice before it is reshipped to the correct address.


What items are organic?  All cotton garments are 100% organic cotton.


Where are you located?  Indianapolis, IN. USA


How should I wash my clothes to keep them in good condition?  For best color retention, please fold inside out to wash on cold and air dry.  Please do not put any thin clothing in a final spin or with any objects that can tear through them like brass, jean buttons, etc.  Wash with like colors only.


International customers:  We are not responsible for custom fees.  Europe, we offer USPS, which gives you a 50/50 chance that customs may not charge you.  But, it is possible you will be required to pay custom fees on your package.  We will not refund or reimburse any custom fees charged on your package.   


Delivery with USPS can delay, because of the following reasons:

- Some countries customs clearance offices run extra checks at peak times, this could be due to high security alerts, threats, or additional training. These are for your protection and safety. If you are concerned about delivery times, please speak to your local postal service provider.

  It is not uncommon for packages to be held in customs for a month or longer.  Please contact your local customs office to check on your package. This is not something we can do.  Once it has left the USA, we are no longer responsible as there is no way to contact anyone internationally and USPS has no connection digitally to any other country's local post system.
- Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes may effect delivery times. You can get up to date reports from your shipping providers' website and if they are experiencing any delays.

- Public holidays can cause delays in packages being delivered. To check postal service public holidays, visit their website or local office to obtain information.

- Postal strikes will slow the delivery process down considerably. Please check your postal service website for updates and reports.

- Did you give us the correct address? Please ensure your address was written correctly on your invoice.



AFTERPAY PAYMENT METHOD:  You must apply to Afterpay on their customer site to be approved before using your account to make any orders.  Please note: If your Afterpay account is set up outside of the United States, Afterpay will not allow you to purchase from our US store.  Please see above Partial.ly method as there is no credit check and the lay away option can be used internationally.  


Free Shipping:  To receive free shipping, your cart must be $150+ USA or $250+ International after all discounts/sales promo codes have been applied.